Advantages of IPDetector

  Very accurate

Thanks to artificial intelligence and our services, data is constantly being reworked and more and more accurate.

  Easy to use

We have an API that is easy to implement in all your projects, you can block a large part of malicious users.

  Very affordable

We have a free offer and our paid offers are very cheap compared to other services, with efficiency and accuracy.

A powerful and reliable API

The free and paid offers have been studied to suit different projects while offering a very fast capacity and load response, maintaining thousands of queries per second to our database which today contains more than 400 million IP addresses that are constantly checked and whose information is reworked and reworked to obtain the most accurate and rapid result possible. With the studies of our offers and service, several means have been put in place to respond to very high load peaks and attacks, with dozens of redundancies and servers in all corners of the globe to contain as many requests as possible, to respond quickly to requests in all countries and in order to avoid a single interruption of our service. This advantage is considerable, whether for a small or very large company. IPDetector has been in existence for one year and offers its services at a discount price to about a hundred companies and individuals.